вулкан на андроид

First announced at GDC 2015 by the Khronos Group, Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform graphics API built upon components of AMD’s Mantle API.

It is targeted at high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications like games and interactive media.

Designed for portability across multiple desktop and mobile platforms, Vulkan is available on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Steam OS, Tizen, and Android.

As part of the Android N Developer Preview 2 release, Google released an Android N image for the Nexus Player that includes Vulkan drivers.

You can find out more about the Android N Developer Preview here and can download the image here.

As this image is officially supported by Google, we recommend using it for Vulkan Android development.

The Power VR Early Access Program (EAP) was created to give developers early access to our latest reference driver binaries.

The EAP image should only be used by developers that need to access bleeding edge features.

Developed as Imagination Technology’s contribution to the Vulkan community, the Power VR SDK and Tools has been designed with a Vulkan backend for its Framework abstraction layer (PVRAPI).

This document describes how to build and run Vulkan Conformance Test suite. d EQP documentation is available at update to the latest glslang and spirv-tools revisions occasionally.

With CMake out-of-source builds are always recommended.

Create a build directory of your choosing, and in that directory generate Makefiles or IDE project using cmake.