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The Romantik Hotel Oberwirt has already made itself a name amongst wine connoisseurs and wine lovers as an excellent wine hotel in South Tyrol.

As with all other areas of the hotel, it's the quality of the wine that counts.

And that counts even more for our home-grown wines at the Oberwirt.

The wine has hundreds of year of family tradition, the Merano sunshine and all the passion of the boss, Josef Waldner, within it.

The Oberwirt's wine list offers an unusually large choice but only the best wines from around the world make it onto the list at our wine hotel.

As one of the most successful wine regions in Italy, the emphasis is of course on South Tyrol but also inlcudes wines from the neighbouring Italian regions and France.

Raise your glasses to the treasures of the Oberwirt - red, white, rosé or sparkling - during your wine holiday at the Oberwirt ...

Here is our wine list – which, by the way, won the South Tyrolean Wine Prize in 2012 for having one of the best wine lists in South Tyrol.

Take a look at the wine list online or download it Winegrowing has 11 generations of tradition in the Waldner family.

However, when one is so passionate about wine as Josef Waldner is, they want to use their expertise to get the best out of the land.

In cooperation with proven winegrowing experts and with the accomplished cellarer Hartmann Doná, the family's vines were re-cultivated, new locations were purchased and the Eichenstein Vineyard was founded in Freiberg, Merano.

And wine lovers should make a note that it's here that in summer 2014 a residence with wine cellar will be opened ...