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Our casino complaints service is available free for our players.

We do our best to mediate between players and online casinos.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution official holds Associate level membership with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Above you’ll find a list of all complaints that The has dealt with.

At the top you’ll find a list of the complaints that are currently being processed.

The only people that will be able to view a complaint that is currently being dealt with are site staff, the customer who lodged the complaint and the casino rep who is helping to resolve the complaint.

This is to ensure privacy during the mediation which is more conducive to successful resolution.

All complaints that have been closed can be found beneath this and are open for everyone to read.

You can view our complaint report for 2015/16 here – To ensure that the handling of the various disputes is done in a consistent and meaningful manner – i.e.

The rules established in one case are applied in the same fashion to similar cases – we will gather together all important rulings in a separate archive.

This is designed to ensure that significant cases where precedent has been established are not simply lost as time passes and new complaints move them down the list.

You can find the Archive list at – Casino Complaints Important Rulings.