онлайн казино скрипт

Chetu develops online casino software solutions such as class II and III casino game types, including poker, bingo, blackjack, slots, and keno with intuitive UI and visceral UX.

Back office portals are programmed for admin to disable the game, change rules, create rewards and special benefits, and alter configurations in real-time.

These portals are also created for players, employees, and game management, as well as to facilitate custom reporting with segmentation reports.

We develop and integrate reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic for gaming using Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG library, as well as develop calculation engines, payout tables, data encryption, game rule parameters, algorithms, and bonus round formulas.

The gaming engines facilitate the functioning of slots/reel games, poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, bingo, and more.

We create online casino payment software that facilitates interactive and personalized player portals with payment gateway integration, including the popular Neteller, Skrill, Adyen, and Intercash money transfer with custom wallet development.

We develop the back-end logic for money settlement, and program game payout emulators and math engine simulators to run game logic.

Our developers design stunning 2D and 3D game skins and integrate designs seamlessly with existing gaming technology and architecture for an enlivened visual experience, with chat and messaging features for social gaming experiences.

We create online casino security protocols to secure player portals with players' personal information, demographics and payment info, and application-level data in transportation, such as key agreement, entity authentication, secure multi-party, and symmetric encryption.

We also engineer player tracking technology and risk management modules for detailed reports, integrated to CRM loyalty and rewards modules.

Our engineers develop the capability for users to engage in multiple games at once and auto play opponents with strategies customized by player, and program automation testing cases to effectively QA game logic implementation.

Chetu is the premier provider of custom software development solutions for businesses worldwide.