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Inspired by: No clear connection to any western character. , but the Dodge City rules clarify that "she can use any card as a Missed! Since there are no longer effective Beers, abilities allowing you to avoid shots are especially useful.

The last name does echo the Fuentes brothers in The Return of Ringo, some outlaws who took over the town of Mimbres and took over the town's gold. " So she cannot use cards in play in front of her as Missed! Activation: Whenever she has the opportunity to use a Missed! Cards enhanced by Elena Fuente's ability: All cards except Missed! Cards more powerful when played against Elena Fuente: Cat Balou, Panic! to avoid; this is a lot of cards out of Elena's hand when she is a 3 lifepoint character), Characters that Elena Fuente counters well: Belle Star (her defensive cards come from her hand, so that Star's ability is not very effective against her), Willy the Kid (as long as she has cards in her hand she can avoid Willy's BANG! Remember that Elena can still used the ineffective Beers as Missed!

" This may seem to indicate that she can also use cards from in play in front of her as Missed!

, Rag Time, Conestoga, Can Can, Brawl, Dynamite, and Duel. Characters that counter Elena Fuente well: Jesse Jones (can remove cards that can be played as Missed! General Strategy as Elena Fuente: While Elena Fuente is not bound to get eliminated in the first round, she shouldn't take many risks that get people's attention.

Cards less effective when played against Elena Fuente: Attack cards (besides Indians! Elena Fuente's goal should be to get cards in play in front of her, and depending on her role, aim for cards of more of an offensive or defensive type.

So that Elena Fuente doesn't have to expend so many cards from her hand when shot, she should try to get an Iron Plate, Sombrero, Ten Gallon Hat, or Barrel out there, and more importantly distance modifiers like Mustang and Hideout.

A long distance gun is also a good idea, for when Elena Fuente does starting pulling the trigger, hopefully she will select a target that is in her range, but she is not in his.

If Elena Fuente's role allows her to be conservative (Sheriff, Renegade), then she should try never to have less cards in her hand by the end of her turn than her card limit allows.

That way Elena Fuente is ready for any onslaught that might come from some character's ability, or from a suddenly appearing Volcanic.

Of the cards that Elena Fuente keeps in her hand, she should try to keep as many BANG! That way she is not only protected from normal enemy fire, but also the Indians! Elena Fuente will thus be prepared for these alternate attack strategies, and also be ready to shift to the offensive if a good opportunity arises.

And Duels that other players are bound to play against her (as her ability only uses cards as Missed! With duels, on the whole, Elena Fuente may wish to just take the hit instead of deplete cards that can be used as Missed! While having a Beer in Elena Fuente's hand isn't a bad idea to recover health when she takes a hit, she should not try to save the Beer once she has lost a life point.

Her opponents are bound to try to steal or discard cards from her hand, and it would be a shame for her to lose a Beer when Elena Fuente could have recovered the life point.