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A “naturalized” Texan raised in Spring, Texas and a proud graduate of University of Texas Law School, David Oliver devoted his first 13 years as a licensed Texas attorney to active duty service in the United States Marine Corps.

Highlighting a distinguished military career, he earned a Masters in Military Law, and served with distinction as a military judge. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, David elected to leave government service to pursue a dream, to return to Texas and the practice of law.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that while serving as a military judge, David deployed to Iraq and presided over numerous military courts-martial in improvised courtrooms throughout the combat theater. For the past six years, David has devoted himself to a successful private law practice, serving the legal needs of both institutions and individuals with highly successful results.

Serving as the Managing Attorney of The Fowler Law Firm’s Williamson County office since 2014, David continues to build his broad civil law practice, which includes business litigation, probate and guardianship litigation, estate planning, and family law.

Continuing his commitment to leadership and public service, David is active in a variety of community- and church-related service projects.

He actively serves at First Baptist Church Georgetown where he and his family are members, and he currently holds a position as a Director of the Williamson County Bar Association.

Additionally, David serves on the Board of Directors at the Williamson Museum, and he is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Sun City in Georgetown.

David is also a devoted husband, married for a quarter-century to the great love of his life, Mary Beth Oliver, and is the very proud father of two adult daughters. D., University of Texas School of Law Bar Memberships/Licenses State Bar of Texas As a director and the Treasurer of Williamson County Bar, I meet the most amazing people serving our citizens through the judicial systems and I get to give away Wilco Bar funds to deserving students with an interest in law.

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Right after Futile Devices, when Elio says "traitor" twice, a song starts playing. I would have paid more attention as to when it appeared in the movie, but presumed it would be on the soundtrack. It's called "Melt" (Acoustic Version) by Jones. Your response caused me to research it again and that's how I found it.

I can only hear a bar or so through the walkman scene. v=Qn N1i FL-6j E&app=desktop (this is the only video I could find, it's right at the end)Might anyone know the name of the song in the first part of the movie performed by a sultry-voiced woman with an accent who was speak-singing the song? It occurred before Elio and Oliver were aware of each other's feelings, sound European but was in English. I found a website which listed all 42 pieces of music in the movie.

Does anyone know what the Schoenberg piece Elio was listening to on his walkman (and transcribing) before they get called for dinner in the beginning? Just figured the song would be on the soundtrack so did not pay too much attention.