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The worlds of poker and cryptocurrency continue to intersect, with former Full Tilt Poker executive Rafe Furst the latest to make headlines with his project.

While huge poker names like Antanas "Tony G" Guoga and Phil Ivey — with Coin Poker and Virtue Poker, respectively — have sought to marry cryptocurrency and poker directly through backing cryptocurrency-funded online poker rooms, Furst's foray has nothing to do with poker.

Instead, Furst has rolled out a venture called The Crypto Company, a sort of cryptocurrency investment firm, according to an interview he did with Entrepreneur.

Cryptocurrencies, digital currency assets centered around blockchain technology, are very volatile.

The best known of the bunch, Bitcoin, commonly gains or loses several hundred dollars in value on a given day.

Similarly, lesser-known coins with smaller market caps routinely fluctuate 10 percent or more in a day.

All of that volatility creates opportunities to profit by buying and selling coins as they jump up and down in value.

However, this sort of "day trading" involves keeping track of dozens, perhaps even hundreds of coins, and involves serious time that many who are interested in the crypto world can't commit.

Furst's solution, The Crypto Company, attempts to bridge that gap by allowing investors to get indirect exposure to a variety of coins as The Crypto Company buys and sells daily.

"With The Crypto Company, you don’t have to worry about the technicalities and risks of buying and selling individual cryptos," Furst told Entrepreneur.