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Side bets at casino table games exist for a couple of reasons.

For players, they open the possibility of larger jackpots than standard bets at their games of choice.

For casinos, side bets enhance revenues with house edges that are higher than on standard games. The Millionaire Maker version of the six-card bonus bet at Three Card Poker is one of those.

An Atlantic City reader wrote to say he’d spotted Millionaire Maker with its $1 million top prize and wanted to know the odds before he took the plunge.

“I’m all for winning a million dollars,” he wrote, “but how much of a chance do I really have?

”All versions of the six-card bonus bet combine the player’s three cards and the dealer’s three.

Initial versions paid only on the best five-card hands that could be made from those six.

Later, a pay table was introduced that paid a bigger jackpot on a six-card royal, with the rest of the payoffs coming on five-card hands.

Millionaire Maker takes that a step further, with big bonanzas on six-card royals — 9 through Ace of the same suit — as well as five card hands ranging down to three of a kind.

With a $5 minimum bet required, the Millionaire Maker pay table looks like this: Six-card royal in diamonds, $1 million; six-card royal in other suits, $100,000; five-card royal, 1,000-1; five-card straight flush, 200-1; four of a kind, 50-1; full house, 20-1; five-card flush, 15-1; five-card straight, 10-1; three of a kind, 5-1.

Note that the top two payoffs are expressed in dollars while the remainder are in odds-to-1 — the way the website for Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa lists the pay table.

That’s to tell you the top jackpots do not increase if you bet more.