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I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Sierra Management Group, Inc.

For nearly a year as we’ve collaborated on developing a network of Patient Centered Medical Homes.

Over the course of this time, they’ve impressed me with their talent and the quality of programs they’ve created.

Our association with Sierra Management has definitely enhanced the overall project.

Sierra Management applies a systematic LEAN approach to operations that is based on exhaustive data reporting and analysis, continual feedback loops, and demands innovative break-through thinking.

They skillfully manage numerous large projects simultaneously due to their solid processes and management.

In particular, I appreciate the rich backgrounds and expertise of the executives.

These qualities coalesce and have created a pioneering team that seeks inspiration from beyond the healthcare industry.

Although from diverse fields, the executives remain attentive to the unique and intimate nature of the healthcare industry.

Excellent medical outcomes and patient satisfaction are the priorities of their work and all else is designed to further reinforce these critical factors.

As demonstration of this fact, the executives have created a unique Human Interaction Training program that doesn’t merely instruct attendees on interacting effectively with patients.

Sierra Management’s training engages participants to be mindful artists in the delivery of care, regardless of position.