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There will certainly be some major developments for blockchain technology in the coming years.

The basic idea of tamper-proof, distributed data structures with time-stamped and replicable transactions stored in chained and encrypted blocks will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Join us as we take a look at the different approaches you can take in order to bolster your web security.

We find out how to identify and address overlooked web security vulnerabilities, how security controls affect web security assessment results and why web opportunities must be met with appropriate security controls.

However, one blockchain alone will not solve every problem.

The technology is also much more driven by business than by technology.

The question, therefore, is if it will help solve real business problems, and if so, in which version.

Clearly, blockchains are not a better solution for everything.

Since the blockchain became famous as the technological foundation for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin some years ago, plenty of other cryptocurrencies and implementations have evolved.

One of the most famous at the moment is Ethereum, with its concept of so-called smart contracts.

Because a blockchain is ideal for use cases characterised by manifold transactions relying on self-executing agreements, these are also one of the main drivers for its further development in areas such as finance, insurance, healthcare and the internet of things (Io T).

Bitcoin is pseudonymised, public and permission-free, but there are also numerous private and permissioned, let alone hybrid, forms, where participants need authorisation before getting access.