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Iron Maiden is an interesting name of a heavy metal band of English soil.

The group came about in 1975, in a town of Leyton, in East London.

The band was formed by Steve Harris, who is the main bassist and songwriter of it.

The group has a universal fame, due to the release of more than thirty albums, including several studio albums and live albums.

There are separate albums of music compilations by the band members.

The Iron Maiden has made many successful tours and a huge amount fan base in England and other countries.

The Iron Maiden shows are always expected to have an advance booking of Iron Maiden tickets, as their fans cannot wait for the last minute booking.

The Iron Maiden is easy to be called a complete revival of a different form of heavy metal in the British music culture.

The group acquired great popularity, due to its original and very experimental musical compilations, in the early 80s.

In spite of undergoing a number of changes in its line-up, the commercial success of the band has never declined.

Most of the albums by Iron Maiden have reached gold and platinum level.

Some of the great works of the band include Peace of Mind, Live After death, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Somewhere in Time and many other popular records.