igrosoft slots

Few people would stay indifferent to “Keks” slot game.

After all, it is created basing on one of the favorite childhood fairy tales in the Post-Soviet countries.

In general, there are plenty of reasons to play “Keks” for free for both inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, and not only them; and there are even more reasons to play it for the real money.

Fun and cunning round piece of baked dough is quickly gaining fans in the online casino.

It is unlikely that grandparents thought about such a career for their grandson when they scraped the bottom of the barrel.

But the fact remains that such online slot machine exists and it firmly holds its place among the leaders of the rating game slots in online casinos.

If you play this slot for free, you get the impression that you are watching a good old cartoon.

But you are a professional player and you want not only to have a good time, but to get some cash as well, give the game a spin and you will definitely be satisfied with what will come next.

The Keks Free Slot, also known aka Gingerbread slot is one of the best slot machines released by Igrosoft.

From the first minutes spent in the game, it becomes clear that was based on a fairy tale about Kolobok.

The very "round" character also appears on the reels.

Moreover, he is endowed with the properties of the Wild Symbol, that is, he can replace any symbol you need for the winning combination to form.