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It all begins with our herd of beautiful Jersey cows who produce flavorful milk for our cheese.

Making cheese is a blend of art and science with a dose of intuition. Cheese typically follows a simple outline but can vary dramatically in the process, depending on the type being made.

Although cultures and other ingredients can be added to the milk, the physical handing of the milk, curds, and finished cheese determines the finished product.

Cheese is an age old way of preserving milk through turning lactose into lactic acid (usually by cultures–the good bacteria), controlling the moisture content (stirring, heating), and adding salt as a preservative.

We monitor the PH of the product throughout the cheese make and keep records for ourselves and for our inspectors from the Department of Agriculture.

Since the Lakota Federal Credit Union received a low-income designation from the National Credit Union Administration, we are allowed to accept non-member deposits.

If you are not eligible to become a member of the Lakota Federal Credit Union, you can still support us by making a deposit at the Lakota Federal Credit Union.

Your deposit along with others will be key for us to fund loans, build our reserves, and expand our services.

Since your deposit will be federally insured, this is a no-risk investment that can literally change the lives of the Lakota people living on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The Lakota Federal Credit Union is the only federally insured financial institution on the Pine Ridge Reservation and is providing the tools necessary for our members to build brighter financial futures.

Your deposit will help us to deliver affordable and quality financial products to the communities we serve.

We offer the following rates for non-member deposits.