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Program Monitoring and Evaluation Program monitoring and evaluation represent the core of the firm’s work.

We prefer to take a quantitative approach where possible and leverage data to enable better program understanding and decision-making.

One critical component of our approach is to identify and assess “vital signs” of information that can serve as key indicators of performance, both to set and follow a strategic direction and/or to monitor and track ongoing or past performance.

3SI uses program, client, and employee content knowledge to understand what data is important and why.

Our analyses include, but are not limited to: monitoring and evaluating outputs, outcomes, and costs; performing sensitivity analyses; and analyzing program sustainability.

Organizational Assessment The best data will go to waste if the organization does not know what directives, people, processes, and culture must be in place to act upon information in a timely manner.

3SI’s approach often requires a selective assessment of the program and organizational strategies, processes, and infrastructure that may help or hinder the flow of data.

Technology and Systems Assessments Data must be properly collected, managed, and reported for it to be useful; otherwise programs suffer from “garbage in, garbage out.” 3SI works with organizations to assess and improve the availability and quality of information, software platforms, and technology to extract and manage information for improved social impact.

3SI uses data from client systems, third-party vendors, governments, as well as other publicly-available sources.

The 3SI team’s experience includes, but is not limited to, the following data platforms: Embedded Consulting Because we have long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients, 3SI is often asked to “embed” consultants within a client’s organization.

In this capacity, the consultant reports directly to a client and is accountable for a particular area of work for a specified amount of time, similar to a retainer.

3SI enters into this arrangement to help clients manage work that is highly fluid and uncertain; requires an in-house presence, knowledge, and relationships; and needs the sustained effort of a full-time consultant.