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Sean and Nina are proud to serve the valley with over 25 years of professional grooming experience.

Below is just a few of the diverse services we provide for your furry family member. Call or send us an email and we’d be happy to provide a custom quote tailored specially for your pet.

Prices will vary upon breed and other additional requests you may have.

For your convenience, we welcome you to schedule a combined grooming appointment during your pets stay with us in our resort or doctor’s appointment.

Article I – Meetings The date of the annual meeting of this association shall be set by the Executive Committee. Section III: ODTSEA will provide hotel, mileage and registration fees for board members to attend ODTSEA conferences.

Article II – Committee The President shall, as needed, appoint committees to promote association objectives and interests or accomplish duties as recommended by the Executive Committee. Funds for Board members to travel to the ADTSEA National Conference will be as follows, 3000.00 a year if funds allow divided between any attending current board members with no more than 1500.00 allowed per person.

Article III – Membership Dues Paying for and attending ODTSEA sponsored events for PDA’s include the annual fees.

Corporate Members – $150 / $200 with website link Section II: The membership year is one year from receipt of dues.

These two met back in February of 2013 when the big snowstorm Nemo hit Boston.

At the time, they were both at a local Boston pub with friends.

They spotted one another across the room, and that was it.

Their romance took them on plenty of adventures together, but the biggest adventure was in Italy, where they got engaged.