головоломка resident 6 ада

Вид загадки, головоломки головоломка: загаданное слово разделяется на части с самостоятельным смыслом, описание которых дается в виде стишка, сценки и т.

Resident Evil 6’s post-game campaign with Ada Wong is among Resident Evil 6’s best. Turn into the room on the left when the guard behind the barrier isn’t looking, climb through the small gap to the next room, melee kill the guard.

But if you’re looking for secrets and collectables, well, you’ve come to the right place. When the guard patrolling outside turns his back, melee kill him.

If you ever break stealth, just run but you can cear most of this area with instant kill melee attacks from behind. The next guard is on patrol, wait for him to approach your corner then melee kill.

The room to the right has a guard sometimes facing you, you can quickly melee kill him without setting off alarms, then crawl through the vent to the next area to end the stealth section.

In the next section, use crossbow to shoot both guards in the corridor.

You’ll come to stairs with two guards, one of whom is looking your way.

Push the cylinders on the side across to open up a vent to crawl through.

When Ada says ‘dammit an alarm’, take cover and use your crossbow to shoot the guards straight ahead.

Then cross over to the left and shoot the guard through the window with the crossbow. Next, head to the back of the room to try and view the painting.

When done, head up the stairs for an easy to spot SERPENT EMBLEM to shoot. Then twist the horns on the goat’s head and look through it again. The idea of the puzzle is to turn all four elements of the code (found roughly in the corners of the room) to match that creature. Grab the red herb, green herb and combine then before interacting with the projector. Also reload all your weapons because an ambush will begin after the projector plays.

When you leave, you’ll be shown how the pressure sensitive guns work. Before interacting with the projector, arm an incendiary grenade. throw an incendiary at them and then use melee to mop up (ammo isn’t a huge concern but it’s better to save it whenever possible).