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FAR Center for Contemporary Arts is a multi-space performance, event and wedding venue located in downtown Bloomington at Fourth and Rogers.

As an updated historic building, carefully re-purposed with modern materials and design, the FAR offers something completely new to Bloomington’s collection of private event venues.

The 505 Theater is spacious with lofty, barrel vaulted ceilings and large garage doors that open to the street.

The modern Garden and Library, all adjoined by an open atrium complete with bar, offer additional elegant spaces for crafting the prefect event.

With its beauty, creativity, and minimalism, the FAR building becomes a palette for your ideas and a fantastic venue where you can bring those ideas into being.

For the aesthetic urban couple getting married in Bloomington Indiana – This is the space you’d hoped you might find.

The theater may be secured on its own, or in combination with the garden and gallery for larger events.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about obtaining the space for your event, you may email our Private Events Coordinator at Abigail@

Every building is designed with a patented process to ensure seamless construction, easy-to-build kits manufactured to your specifications.

Our website has everything you need to start the building of your dreams.

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