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This post is over two years in the making, but only because I just learned how to use Word.

It took longer for Bald Tony and I to complete this arduous Irish/Vegas pubcrawl than it took Frodo and Sam to journey to Mordor. Winslow, I just compared you to a dark sorcerer, but in a good way…really.

Granted, we would have remained at the Green Dragon until the orcs razed the place, but, who knows, maybe Sauron would have kept us on as Middle-Earth beer tasters? Oh, on that note, I’ve just released a Nazgul toward Barad dur with our receipts.

After the Made in the Shade incident, I swore I would never cover another brew festival again.

I made this proclamation to my wife the next day, or maybe she told me.

Well, the beauty of being me is no longer being burdened with any long or short term memory whatsoever.

And, in retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have gone to that second party afterward.

For my last trip to Vegas, I decided to look beyond the flashing and blinking lights of Sin City and really rate this town.

Sorry, the blinking lights of Vegas are about as close to Christmas as you’re going to get here at the Discord.

The biggest hurdle to my destination came in the form of a brewpub, the Boiler Room, in Laughlin, Nevada.

This pub, constructed like the bowels of a giant ship, had a sign out front that read: Thirsty Thursdays: All Drafts 1 Dollar.