апслотс казино

Nina Ricci – Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbons Eau de Parfum (Limited Edition); $134.00, The campaign alone could persuade me to buy this perfume, and left to my own devices I collect perfume bottles without using a scent more than once.

Wrapping a red ribbon around the eiffel tower seems deliciously mysterious, like the perfume is supposed to be.

For the inner minx lurking beneath the surface of a cool and confident demeanor, the limited edition Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon is a captivating scent.

The bottle itself is a tribute to couture, and the scent it encases is a tribute to the feminine mystique.

I made this layout for a Facebook post for work (see here), but I figured I’d use it here as well…

Since I’m obsessed with both of these looks and there’s fact that I want to wear the HUE relaxed weekend leggings everyday.

Slouchy and comfy and all around perfect, these leggings bring out my inner tomboy, which I seem to be getting more in touch with every day these days :).

Dress them up or down, these babies are definitely a favorite.

Photos by Christine Sargologos look 1: Stand Strong Jacket // Workout Tee // Ultimate X-Training Capri // look 2: Crossback Tank // Hatha Shorts // Final Rep Long Sleeve I recently teamed up with Lucy to showcase how to take some of their most versatile pieces from the, Do Everything Collection, from workout to errands or lunch with girlfriends.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but workout wear has really taken on a whole new look and feel.

Yes, they’re still functional and great for working out, but I love that styles have a more athleisure/lifewear feel to them, where pieces can transition really seamlessly.

What’s also nice about workout wear that can transition to daywear is you don’t have to pack as much while traveling.